In Memory

Bernard N. Traven

Bernard "Bernie" Traven passed away on November 8, 2004.  He was 75 years of age and a resident of Naples, Florida.

Mr. Traven first was a faculty member at Zama High and later on taught at Zama Middle School.

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Judie Sherwood (Fogle) (1971)

   Mr Traven taught me 7th or 8th grade English in 1966 or 1967.  He was a great teacher!  I loved to read and diagram sentences, so we had a bond.  I remember doing book reports for him, and I remember specific words he taught me.  Due to his influence I have always loved English and did consider becoming a teacher.  I did not, but my love for words helped me immeasurably in my medical career.

   I remember his letting me take a group of ESL students into a nearby room and help them with fundamentals.  English is not easy, but I spoke it every day.  It was easy for me!  It was fun helping them, too!

   I was young and did not even realize teachers had first names because of my respect for them, but upon seeing this I am not surprised he had the same first name as my dad.  I am not surprised at all.

    Rest in Peace, Mr Traven


    Judie Sherwood Fogle





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