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Tom Fowler - Class Of 1972

Thomas Lane Fowler passed away on September 2015 after a brief battle with Pancreatic Cancer. He was 61 years of age, residing in Spring, Texas.

He attended Zama High School ('72) during his Freshman, Sophomore and Junior grades. His best friend from his days at Camp Zama, Richard Pemble ('72) remained friends till the very end and he attended many Zama Alumni Reunions.

Tom was a soft spoken man who was taken away suddenly and too quickly by cancer. He was intelligent, knowledgeable, kind and thoughtful. He worked at Texas Instruments, Raytheon and most recently at Hewlett-Packard as a physicist and Senior Electrical Engineer. His name is on seven patents and has authored a number of papers and articles on electronics and power supply. He also spent some time in the Army Reserve and was honorably discharged as a 1st LT in the Signal Corp.

Tom had many hobbies, his favorite was to invent electronic gadgets, making computers, radio operator, growing and cultivating bamboo, riding the bicycle and cooking. He spoke Russian, French and was studying Chinese and Japanese.

He is survived by his wife Judy Cannon-Fowler, his mother Marilyn Fowler and his sister Nancy Edger and her husband, Lawrence Edger.

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06/29/16 01:59 PM #3    

Sherry Ragan (1972)

I always think of us as our 1972 selves, full of hope, young, ambitious, ready to change the world. Tom represented the best of us. I am truly sad to commemorate his passing. 

06/30/16 10:35 AM #4    

Rick Pemble (Pemble) (1972)

There was a Door to which I found no Key:
There was a Veil past which I could not see:
Some little talk awhile of Me and Thee
There seemed—and then no more of Thee and Me.


03/30/18 04:24 PM #5    

Rick Pemble (Pemble) (1972)

This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes, again

Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free
Desperately in need, of some, stranger's hand
In a, desperate land

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane, all the children are insane
Waiting for the summer rain, yeah

03/30/18 10:25 PM #6    

Rick Clark (Hyatt) (1971)

Well said, Rick Premble. We lived in special times and in that special place when life was good and decent.  We were lucky.  It's hard to contimplate the Kanji "Shin," yet we shall all experience it one day.  In spite of my emotional, social, and, ultimately, espionage, baggage, my half-baked association with you alumni (I can't blame you for that baggage) was nevertheless one of the finer times of my life, in Japan and Okinawa, too.

Mo, domo arigato, shitsure shimu.  Soon the new cherry blossoms will bloom.

03/31/18 06:43 AM #7    

Mark Randell (1972)

Cool  guy...  and I feel  PROUD of Tom's many  accomplishments.   Though Tom and I ran in different circles,  each time   a fellow Trojan passes  away,  my  heart  drops.   Suddenly,  it's as though  we were  friends... I always  remember  R.Pemble,. M. Kerns,  T.Fowler,  W.Yanamura  together  as  group.   Today,   I will put my  hands together and  PRAY  and  THINK  of him....

Mark S. Randell   '72


03/31/18 01:53 PM #8    

Rick Clark (Hyatt) (1971)

Well, this site won't upload a photo of my old Kawasaki, but I'm sure it was Tom who'd driven it from the Depot to school on the day my adopted Commie Spy mother had told me not to take it that day.  That some investigator named Gary Condit said to meet him for an interview in the VP's office, where he threw Lynn around a bit.  The gay typing teacher, Mr. Preice, was also there.  The school was closed except for Mrs. Kennedy's English class, I wonder how many of you remember it?  Tom said I would; I'm susceptible that way. I have a definite feeling that the issue of Officer's Club bartender will finally rise to the surface, not to mention others connected to he. That tomorrow is Easter and the "Failed Red Chinese space station" may well be a well-planned EMP and PSYOPS move on Judiaism and Christianity also cooincides so much with what else is happening in the world; to include what looks like an invasion of Tawain and Japan.  And in that my Great Aunt Katherine's inheritance may come to term.  Like I'd promised Larry Adams..  If it did. I also know your plans, Rottenbury.  Larry told me.

04/01/18 10:22 AM #9    

Judy Cannon-Mackey (1974)

Thank you all for leaving comments for Tom.  It's nice to know he's not forgotten.

08/26/18 10:27 PM #10    

Rick Pemble (Pemble) (1972)

I still think and miss Tom every day....

08/27/18 07:59 AM #11    

Beverly Turner (1972)


Beverly Turner Class Of 72

Tom, May you be resting in Peace in Heaven, though missed by those who love you on Earth!  Please continue to protect your loved ones from above , not a day goes by that they don’t miss your love!

Please ease their sorrow , let them know you are well , reassure them that you wait for them what stories and memories to tell!

Bless you Tom always !


Beverly Turner

Aka “ Peanuts”


08/27/18 08:06 AM #12    

Beverly Turner (1972)

Thank you Rick P.  For doing this for your friends!  

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