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Chang Tai Akana - Class Of 1971

With deep regret, I want to inform our classmates of the passing of Chang Tai Akana on June 17, 2022.  His service was held yesterday, July 6, 2022 at the Kazokusou no Memorial House, a short distance from the front gate of Sagamihara Housing.  In attendance was his brother, Chang King ('68) and his sister, Yok Lan ('69), whom many of you remember.  

From the many stories told during the service, Chang Tai persevered and lived his life as full as any one of us.  I'm honored to have known him as my friend.

-George Mosier

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07/07/22 07:11 AM #1    

Michael Testa (1971)

I am so sorry to hear about Chang's passing.  He was a superb baseball pitcher and I had the honor of being his catcher for many years in high school, and before.  His curve ball was devastating. "Strike Three" the umpire would shout after a batter looking foolish swinging and missing walked towards their dugout muttering under their breath. Chang brought joy to my high school sports experience.

After his motorcycle accident and his life was in a coma, I remember visiting him in the intensive care unit with my father.  I can still remember the look on my father's face at the bedside; he was devastated.  My father loved him. 

His recovery from that fateful day to live a full life shows resilience and the strength of his soul.  While I have forgotten many from my high school days, I remember Chang.

My deepest condolences to his brother and sister.


With great sadness, 

Michael Testa



07/07/22 10:41 AM #2    

Thomas Ishii (Ishii) (1971)

Thank you, George, for your solemn update on Chang. 

If memory serves me I think that Chang's family probably moved to the Zama area in the latter half of our sophmore year. I was just beginning to get to know him at the start of our junior year. He was a kind and generous person and showed me new things. He gave me my first riding experience on his new motorcycle. One of my biggest regrets was that I wasn't able to spend more time with him in the remainder of my high school days. 

God bless! 

Tom Ishii '71

07/07/22 03:09 PM #3    

John Carman (1971)

I am deeply saddened to hear of Chang's passing cause I remember him in Camp Zama and in athletics and the horrible motorbike accident. I prayed for his recovery and had to leave in 1970 to still another Military Base at NWC China Lake to graduate at Ridegrest in 1971.

I have stayed in limited contact with others and always asked how Chang was doing as well as all the others in his Family as well.

I have suffered much in law enforcement many times but never suffered such a grave head injury like Chang did.

I still pray and hope we will meet again someday as things are coming to a head with all the world events.

God bless CHang and his Family and ALL who ever met or knew Chang.

I still remember seeing Chang on the back of that motorcycle at Camp Zama and wished I could have done or said something to help him. Chang, Please send me a message that you received my message God Love you and protect you Brother!

John Carman

10/03/22 08:24 AM #4    

Barbara Ashe (MacDonald) (1975)

Anyone who went to Zama during the 70's knew Chang! I still remember him before the motorcycle accident and even after. RIP Chang. 

10/20/22 03:18 PM #5    

Jonathan Camp (1996)

I remember Chang from his job at the SHA commisary. I worked as a bagger for a few months in 92 and would chat with him.  He was such a kind soul.  Later on he would always ask how the football team is doing.  He was always interested in Zama sports.  

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