In Memory

Ruth Aucker

Ms. Ruth Aucker, a faculty member of Zama High School for many years, passed away on January 5, 2010 in Sarasota, Florida.

A memorial service will be held in the spring at St. Martha Church in Sarasota. Condolences may be mailed to her sister at the following address in Massachusetts:
Mrs. Helen Drinan
8 Lakewood Road
Neuton Highlands, MA 02461

Ms. Aucker's niece in Philadelphia, Susan Drinan, has the following e-mail address if you would like to e-mail a condolence message:

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06/06/10 10:14 PM #5    

Brian Fukuhara (1978)

Adieu miss Ms. Aucker....she was a great teacher and made British Literature an interesting class....despite the topic.  A greater appreciation now that I'm older and have lived in London and Europe for the past 5 years.

06/16/10 09:25 AM #6    

Rick Soriano (1977)

One of my favorite teachers... British Lit and other English classes...

Will miss her...

One day in class we all got her talking and then, on cue, we raised our hands and shouted... "okay, thank you!."

Ms. Aucker... thank you, one last time... wouldn't have been able to survive Plebe English at West Point without your help!   Be at peace!

07/12/10 12:32 PM #7    

Duke Nishimura (1977)

Ms. Ruth Aucker.  What a gentle and caring soul.  I enjoyed her English and Literature classes, clearly not because of any intense interest in edumakashun in the Inglich Languich, but because she made literature and the knowledge gained by studying under her guidance fun, and surprisingly interesting to a point of enjoyment.  She was one of my favorite teachers that helped me appreciate and value subject areas in which I would have otherwise overlooked the true value.  Thank you Ruth!  May you enjoy the endless library in your new world.

08/07/11 12:15 PM #8    

Meredith Hinely (1988)

Ms. Aucker definitely had my number from the first moment I entered her class.  I'm sure it did not help that I was coming in after my older sister Whitney.  She was a lovely woman and I learned so much from her.  She will be missed. 

Meredith Hinely

Class of 1988

09/07/11 12:40 PM #9    

Helen Myslinski (Ingham) (1979)

I don't remember what I learned in your class Ms Aucker, nor do I remember the books I had to read. What I do remember is the sound of your voice, the gentleness in your teaching approach, and the sweet smile you gave us. Thank you for sharing your love of learning with us and caring for your students. You were a wonderful teacher and I am so honored to have been your student. RIP... I miss you!

02/08/12 06:10 AM #10    

Laura Bogen (1974)

I agree with Helen, what a sweet, sweet soul.  I only regret is that I never had a chance to sit and share a bottle of wine with her.  It would have been a great conversation I am sure.  She is the first teacher that made me feel like a yong adult. Maybe the only one.

05/01/12 08:16 PM #11    

Allen Agor (1972)

Ruth Auker was a sweet lovely soul. I remember in our class of '72 senior English class, we dwelved into the world of old English tales, like the Song of Beowulf, it opened a whole new world of literature for me and many fellow senior guys who thought it was too "sissy" to get into literature -- all typical for that age, smart asses....

I also remember when our varsity football team that year was slaughtered by Yamaoto High 53-7, we were a spirited and motley bunch, but a terrible team. Of course we were ashamed and depressed that following monday class, and Miss Auker sensing our shame, read a poem by Rudyrd Kipling "If' --- she even had a tear in her eye for us as she read it, and it made us feel a little better, and that's when she won this smart alec kid and my friends over. Ruth was one of the very many great senseis were privileged to have teach us at ZHS, God Bless her soul and the others who have passed on to the next life!

03/22/13 02:15 PM #12    

Michele Smith (1985)

Wonderful teacher. i remember trying to be a good student but at the same time trying to hide my earplugs of my walkman behind my And trying desperately to learn the skill of sleeping with my eyes open. She was such a sweet lady, i know a bunch of us never respected her as much as we should have for all the hard work she put into teaching us army brats.

Thank you for all that you did and i hope i wasn't too much of a pain.


03/18/15 07:02 PM #13    

Daniel Case (1982)

She was gentle, she was kind. And 33 years after my last class with her, I am still grateful for the lessons that remain with me to this day. Thank you, Miss Aucker. 

11/13/20 09:30 AM #14    

Robert Myslinski (1982)

I had Ms. Aucker for senior English and remember her as a kind and caring lady. My favorite story of her was when she decided to have a vocabulary pop quiz during senior English class. She told her students to put away their books and take out a blank sheet. Dave Sullivan ('82) didn't have any paper and was asking his neighbors if he could bum one off of them. Ms. Aucker didn't know what Dave was doing and told him, "Be quiet and stop being disruptive." Of course, Dave being Dave snapped back rather loudly that he was just asking around for some spare paper. She thought he was being rude and commanded, "Go to the principal's office NOW!" Dave gets up and as he leaves through the door shouts "Maybe the principal has a piece of paper!" I've never seen anyone's face turn red so fast as she chased him out the door. Sorry Ms. Aucker for us high school kids giving you a few headaches. We will miss you. 

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