In Memory

Richard Fajardo - Class Of 1959

Richard Fajardo passed away due to a heart condition on April 24, 2003.  He was 62 years of age and residing in Mesa, AZ at the time.

Richard is survived by his wife, Carol Fajardo, and his son, Steven Fajardo.

The following was written by Richard's son, Steven:

"Richard was a devoted and loving husband and father.  Caring for and supporting his family was always his top priority.  He would never have hesitated to put the needs of his family before his own.  He was always considerate of others and held justice and fairness to be the cornerstones of social strengths.

Richard spent many years working in the Nuclear Power industry in the United States.  During his tenure, he worked across the country, setting up safety programs at power plants.  He was a member of the team that brought the Palo Verde Nuclear Station (near Phoenix, AZ) online.

If you knew Richard, feel free to post a message to his profile or send one directly to his son, Steve."