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Mark Heathman - Class Of 1978

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Tom Haskell (1978)

I met Mark in 7th grade at Ft. Leavenworth, KS. We attended McArthur Elementary. He and his family moved after that year while we stayed on for three more years. After our 4th year at Leavenworth, we moved to Zama and something happened that almost never does to Brats of any service or dependents of DOD employees, I was sitting in Ms. Aucker's Lit class during the first week of class. Ms. Aucker had each of us in the class introduce ourselves. My turn came and I gave the spiel expected, name, last post, and..... Unbeknownst to me, Mark was sitting 4 seats to my left. He had heard my intro and was just waiting. His turn came and when me started his spiel with his name I just about dropped the book I was reading. (I did a lot of that in Aucker's class) I looked to the left to see him just grinning like someone had just told him a good joke. As I said, in all of the places we ended up, I never ran into anyone that I had known in a previous post. I am glad that it happened as Mark and I had been pretty good friend's in Leavenworth. He was a great guy.

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