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Kenneth Saubers - Class Of 1967

Kenneth Saubers, brother of Nancy and Nadine, passed away on September 22, 1996.

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William (Drew) Beck (1967)

It's currently January 2016 - almost 20 years since Ken passed away.  I just learned about Ken's passing and it seems a bit strange to me not only that he is gone but that he left us so long ago.  We were both Zama HS class of '67 teenagers and we both lived on Atsugi Naval Air Station.  I remember when Ken and his family moved to Japan and onto Atsugi NAS (I'm thinking 1966) - I believe they moved into the house that Nancy (class of '67) and Trish ('68) Hutches (both Zama High students) had lived in.  It also seems odd how families with a military career parent move in and out of each other's lives.  Ken and I weren't close friends but I enjoyed talking to him and thought of him as a nice guy enjoying his music and easy to get along with - a kind of cool vibe - plus he had two nice (and good looking) sisters.  Hey, we were teenager boys so we definitely noticed such things.  Whenever we crossed each other's path (at Zama or usually on Atsugi NAS - you couldn't help but run into each other now and then on the shuttle bus or theatre, wherever) he was easy to talk to.  Even though we hadn't seen or talked to each other since 1967 (when I left Japan) it saddens me to know Ken is gone.

Drew Beck

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