In Memory

Ervin Lewis - Class Of 1969

Posted on the Native website:

Ervin W. Lewis, M.D. Memorial Scholarship

Ervin Lewis, MD was a humble man dedicated to the practice of Native medicine, Western medicine, and Buddhist teachings for many years. He practiced mindfulness in his daily life while caring for his patients, overseeing the responsibilities as the Indian Health Service, Albuquerque Area Chief Medical Officer and practicing physician, faculty of University of New Mexico, School of Medicine, and as a husband and father.

Although Ervin Lewis is undoubtedly best known for his healing and administrative contributions, he was also one of the leading organizers to bring together Native American practices with Buddhist, Vipassana meditation practices. He was one of the leading organizers in developing the first Native American and Indigenous Healers Silent Retreat and the People of Color Sanga in the Albuquerque Area. Each retreat has brought together individuals coming from various background: native traditional healers, practicing Western Medical practitioners, elders and youth coming from across the world of indigenous cultures or allies for indigenous people.

Karen Waconda-Lewis, Ervin's past wife, and Camille Waconda, Ervin's step-daughter, would like to award each year a Buddhist, People of Color retreat scholarship in memory of Ervin Lewis, MD.