70s Decade Dinnner Survey

Time to Vote on 70s Decade Dinner Location

If there is one thing that Nashville has to offer, it is variety in food choice. We'd like to get the 70s Decade together for a dinner on Friday, July 19th shortly after the reception. I toured Nashville last year with the Convention and Visitor's Bureau and checked out a several options. I've posted significant details and web addresses on the Zama Alumni Association FB page and the Zama 70's Decade Group if you want more information.

Here are some fast facts on the five options we have:

  • Ray Steven's CabraRay (https://raystevenscabaray.com/)
    • Pros: Fun dinner show featuring a comedic musician we used to enjoy in the 70s and the rep says he"ll give us a shout out.
    • Cons: Need to leave ZAA reception early to get to the dinner seating on time and this will be an expensive dinner option, likely close to $100 per person
  • Pemrose (https://pemrosenashville.com/)
    • Pros: Good private seating area, $50-$60 pp
    • Cons: Menu is changing because ownership changed
  • Bavarian Bierhaus (https://www.bierhausnashville.com/history)
    • Pros: Likely the lowest meal price option (under $50 per person) and this restaurant was started by two Army guys
    • Cons: It will be noisy. Their one private room seats 120, so we will likely be in a large hall with a live band
  • The Southern Steak and Oyster (https://www.thesouthernnashville.com.)
    • Pros: Varied cuisine and dinner could kept in a below $60 per person range
    • Cons: Private room only seats 30.
  • The Wildhorse Saloon (https://wildhorsesaloon.com/about.)
    • Pros: It's wild--line dancing, live music and dinner and we could keep cost sub $50 per person
    • Cons: It's going to be loud and the menu is predominately BBQ (which means you'll be eating BBQ three times in 24 hours since the riverboat and our dinner/dance also feature that on the menu)
  • The Green Pheasant (https://thegreenpheasant.com/)
    • Pros: Excellent Japanese restaurant, $50-$60pp range
    • Cons: None

The goal of this survey is to let the people who plan to attend the 70s Decade event, vote on a restaurant choice. So, if you don't plan to attend the reunion please do not vote in the survey. The results will help us get a better idea of our numbers and best price point. Once we see the voting, we will set up the best deal we can with the chosen restaurant and take advance reservations. Again, if you won't be going, please don't vote.

Survey edited: 6/11/19: Green Pheasant added because Pemrose menu was changing due to a change in ownership. Please vote prior to noon on 6/13/19.



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  Wildhorse Saloon
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